Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Moving Right Along... :)

So far, it's been a VERY productive WEEK writing wise! 
As y'all know, on Monday I wrote up an entire scene which was over 4 pages long and had over 1600 words in it of new material. 
Yesterday, I said on this very blog I was hoping to get more added to Untitled #7. Well, I did and kind of forgot to post the update... Real life and fun in Sanctuary kinda got away with me and before I knew it, it was time to get offline and let my son have the computer for a while before bedtime. Sorry about that everyone!
I did get some work done on Untitled #7 new material wise... Like 2389 words worth of NEW material! It was added to the MMLTG file, which is the one that the scene I wrote yesterday will be spliced into when the time comes.
I continued on from where I left off the other day in that file... I do see I kind of went off into a tangent at one point and I may take that one bit out and put it into another spot in the story. I have it highlighted on Word so I know what to take out if/when I decide to do it (and it's about an 80% chance it will be MOVED) so it'll be easy enough to do.
But otherwise it went great and I'm happy with it. Except for the dialogue that is.... Writing dialogue seems to me my "Achilles' Heel" (or is that "HELL"??) when it comes to writing... Everything always seems to come out awkward and I keep wanting to add gestures, etc on every single line. I did get some great advice today and I'm going to be using it, thank you P for your help! Hopefully with that nugget of wisdom from P, I can get past that and actually write dialogue to MY high standards.
Which, I am starting to think, are way too darn high......
Anyway, it's Wednesday and there is finally a new episode of CSI on tonight for anyone who is addicted to that show like I am.
Have a wonderful week everyone! I'll try to be more prompt with the next writing update, I promise!

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