Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lining Things Up....

Hi everyone, I hope y'all are having a great weekend!
It's another day of editing and rereading for me today, I find that it doesn't require as much concentration as the actual writing does.
As y'all know from previous blogs, notably this week's blogs, I've been working on a huge chunk of the first part of Untitled #7 which has not only one turning point in the story, it has a few, and the largest turning point will be at the end part of the MMLTG file, which I am still working on at the present time.
Last night I realized I was going to have to go over the FLS file before splicing it into the main manuscript to make sure it falls in line/complies with what I've written in the AST scene. I did that just this morning and I think with a few changes here and there, it will, perfectly. 
I see I'm going to have to make some more changes into the FLS file, to "line it up" with how I want the story to go now. I started that scene back on June 17, 2010, and it was one of the very first things I had written for that manuscript. Back then, I wasn't sure how things were going to go with certain things in the story. Almost two years after I got the initial idea and started writing more into the manuscript, I have more of an idea what's going to happen, when it will happen and with whom, so I'm thinking the scene itself should have a few changes to it... Notably how "fast" things go, it should be a little slower and have a few more details into it.
When I originally wrote that scene, I rushed through it. I didn't take my time like I do now, with any part of my stories. I think I just wanted to get the scene "done" and move onward with the more "vanilla" parts of the story. (It is a love scene, I admit it!) So now, I'm going to have to take the time and make some changes.
Just goes to show what can happen when you rush something like this! As my mentor P says, "Write and Learn"...
Boy is she ever right!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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