Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Houston, We Have Lift Off!"

*does a happy dance*
Today started off slowly but all in all it was a productive day!
I had opened the main manuscript file for Untitled #7 and started mulling over how I should build upon the foundation of Chapter 2, something I had started a while ago but haven't been able to finish yet.
That wasn't working so I bounced around from file to file in that manuscript, but nothing clicked... Until I opened one particular file...
It was a detailed outline I had written up a while ago for Untitled #7, a turning point in the life of the leading lady that also affects the leading man. I read the outline from start to finish and I could just *see* and hear everything that happened in the beginning of that particular part of the story.
I opened a new document and started typing away, the words sometimes flowing faster than I could type them into my word processor. Time flew by, I was so absorbed, and the next thing I knew, it was time to go get my son from the bus stop... Four entire hours had passed and I had over four pages of NEW material written up for that story! I'm still in "book brain mode" and would like to write more into that file today but Son doesn't like to see me writing when he's home... I need complete silence in order to concentrate. Son likes to have the TV on, he has the terrible habit of shoving stuff between my face and the monitor and he likes to scream in my ear or get into something he should NOT be into just as I'm writing up something I NEED to concentrate on. *sighs* I can edit things while he's home, or jot down more ideas for any of my stories though... So I'm going to sit here and edit things during the quieter times at Sanctuary and my other sites.... After I update people in my various sites about the work I did today that is!
I may try to sneak in some work later tonight, or tomorrow if Hubby is willing to sit in the living room without moving for a few hours with the TV volume on VERY low while I have the earplugs in and a frying pan on hand just in case he decides to start running his big yap... *evil grin* I REALLY have to start writing more now that Christmas vacation is over and the new year has started... Hubby will just have to understand that I can't always wait until days that he and Son are gone... The more I work on the story means the more I write and the faster I write it means the faster I can try to get the darn thing PUBLISHED!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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