Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happily Moving Along...

 For those who just found the link to this blog on my now-inactive WordPress blog, I welcome you to this one! I loved my time in WordPress but that particular blog had some negatively charged cords attached to it and it was time to finally cut those cords and move forward to a place and a blog that was filled with positive energy and had no dark past attached to it.
Moving on... 
This new year rang in with me making some decisions regarding a lot of things, as y'all saw in one of my previous entries here... More time with my family, focusing on my writing, being more positive in life and getting out of the house for a walk each day were at the top of my list.
So far, the walking is going wonderfully. I just increased my distance today and will be doing so again next week. I'm up to close to half a mile round trip now and I'm finding it easier and easier to do the round trip with each step forward! I did snap some pics along the way today, there is one of them in my "Veridian's Routine and Progress" thread in Samgaran Sanctuary if anyone wants to check it out. 
As y'all know, my writing is coming along and it's almost going full tilt on the days I'm home alone. Untitled #7 also has a "working title" as of a few days ago and I am VERY excited about finally having that one hit me!
Cutting back on the online time is getting easier every day also. For the longest time, I kept feeling like I *had* to be around just in case and if I was offline, I kept wondering if I was going to have to clean up a huge mess each time I logged into my internet connection or if someone else bombed me (who may have deserved it during that time) or someone else who did not deserve it at all. Nowadays, I am so much more relaxed... I am NOT getting the neuralgia flare ups like I was for about a year, I know I do NOT have to clean up a TON of manure or some other kind of mess someone else has made, I'm relaxing and acting silly with my family a lot more and I'm feeling a lot more positive and happy these last few months. I'm not getting the headaches from my neuralgia acting up from stress like I had been either. In fact, the headaches have just about stopped... I was stressed out for a VERY long time and when I realized that I wasn't feeling as ill as I had been, it felt wonderful and light!
As for me avoiding drama/BS and negative people like the plague, I know there are some people out there that do not like it... Well, they can go suck on compost in my mind. Life is too darn short to be a negative Nelly and if people can't grow up and do something GOOD for a change, well, they'll find out just how much fun the universe has when it drops a few tonnes of celestial compost on their heads... *EVIL GRIN*
Put me in with the happy, relaxed, fun and POSITIVE bunch please!
The offline time I'm now taking is making my home life a lot better. Son is learning more about computers each day (yes I am teaching him about computers!), Hubby likes it because I concentrate on him more and my fluffy white cat Noelle is loving the fact that she can be on my lap in the evenings again! Normally I am not on this late, but due to a busy day of running errands after my daily walk, I am on this evening for a little while. I'll be taking off in a bit so Noelle can have her evening "lap sleeping session" and Hubby can check his email, etc. 
Tomorrow is a writing day for me... I'll be around before Son goes to school but I plan on getting offline pretty early for a few hours so I can have my walk and then dive head first into my writing! I'm so glad I have decided to focus on it more because the more I write, the more ideas pop into my head for my stories!
So as I get ready to head offline for the night, remember to be positive. Don't look back, just remember the lessons you learned from each experience and move on with a wiser and more experienced outlook. Kick those Negative Nellies to the curb and surround yourself with Pollyannas. Remember to have fun and spend time with your real family and friends. Give your animal buddies lots of cuddles. Always look for a ray of sunshine, no matter how dim things seem.
Have a great night everyone!

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