Friday, January 13, 2012


Yesterday was not very productive, new material wise, in Untitled #7... I did get a little work done on the MMLTG file but not as much as I got done on Wednesday. 
However, sometimes the least productive days can have their moments!
I have been trying to figure out just when, how and where to introduce the reader to a new character in the story... It's not a central player BUT they are a catalyst for some events that happen in the story. I had created the character in my Ideas for Characters and Personalities file back in the summer and didn't know where to bring them in.
Yesterday while I was adding a few more paragraphs to the MMLTG file, it hit me that where I was in that file was the PERFECT spot to introduce this character! The last line I wrote yesterday introduces them by their name and who they are in relation to someone central in the story. I know how the character is going to act, relate with others and exactly what they look like. I'm just hoping I can get across exactly how I want to portray this character... But then again, I do tend to be ULTRA critical of my own work... Hehehehee....... *sheepish grin!*
I am unable to expand on things today, due to school being cancelled because of that *lovely* [/sarcasm] snowstorm we had yesterday but that's okay.. If Son keeps quiet for a while and decides to do his own thing quietly, I may be able to sneak in some major writing time later... Or I just may write after Hubby takes him to bed this evening.
Have a wonderful Friday everyone, and a Very Happy 12th Birthday to my oldest niece!

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