Monday, January 23, 2012

Coming Soon....

... A combination of files in Untitled #7... I hope! :)
Yes, I had yet another semi-productive day in the writing department, make that two pretty good days!
Last night I was hanging out in Sanctuary with P and one of my other best friends and decided to dive head first into the writing after the guys went to bed for the night.
Last night, I managed to get 608 words of new material added to the MMLTG file, despite working at only 10% of normal brain efficiency, hitting writer's block several times and being distracted by fun in Sanctuary, notably having a blast with P and T over there! 
Today was also pretty darn good too... I added 852 more words to the MMLTG file and I am finally starting to close in where I can splice the AST file onto the end of it! Another chapter or two, MAYBE three or four, and I should be up to that point!
I really can't believe how much I've gotten done on this particular story over the last 3 months or so... I had the original idea for it back in June of 2010 and had done a little work on it but between real life and some stuff happening online (NOT in Sanctuary!) I wasn't able to do a lot with it until recently. Now that things have settled down, it seems I'm wanting to write ALL of the time instead of only once every couple of months and I am REALLY loving this! I have put more material into this story in the last three months than I had in the previous 15 months! Back at the end of the summer, there wasn't even 5,000 words in Untitled #7 and I was thinking I would probably have to scrap it or put it on the back burner and work on Untitled #6 and RH (my shorter story). But somewhere along the way, the story came back to me, even better than the original idea for it, and now I'm literally flying through it.
Even if I can get 200 words of new material added to it a day, it's been productive in my mind! I had lost the writing bug for a while and now that it's back, I'm going to embrace it fully and continue to chug right along with the story and hopefully get it finished by the end of next year... And after that's done, I hope to finish Untitled #6 and RH, all for publishing.
I'm really amazed and happy about this. Life can't get any better, that's for sure!
Have a wonderful Monday friends!

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