Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Write and Learn": Editing and 86ing...

You live, you learn. And boy did I learn a lesson the other night about certain things... Like which is acceptable for publishing and what isn't.
My mentor P is on the verge of being published via an online site, also known as epublishing. She has waited a VERY long time for this and I know she is beyond ready to become a published author finally!
I had been considering epublishing some of my own work when things were either finished or rewritten, to get my own feet wet in the industry so to speak. BUT after doing some research, I've discovered that my own style of writing isn't exactly what most online publishing companies or even traditional publishers are looking for. Some allow some amount of erotica, others do not allow any at all. If I want to be epublished, I will have to cut out a lot of the more "descriptive" scenes and that will change how the story goes and cut more out that I want to. I may wind up writing a completely new, less "descriptive" and extremely toned down story/novella just for epublishing and getting my feet wet in the industry unless I can find an epublisher who will not mind my style of writing. Which is something I was hoping I wouldn't have to do. I'm nowhere near close to being published at this time so hopefully at least one epublisher who doesn't mind pretty descriptive scenes will come along in the meantime and actually allow me to publish on their site.
You see, some of the scenes in all three stories are classed as "graphic", some are more graphic than one would see in a regular mainstream romance novel. One scene in RH does push the envelope a little bit, which is what I'm hoping to do with all of the stories somewhat to varying degrees. I've gotten good feedback about that particular scene from certain special and trusted friends who have read it. "Hot!" was mostly what I got back from said people.
Untitled #7 will be a tad more toned down but that story is more about a woman's journey in life than romance. Or that's what I'm HOPING it will turn out to be in the end, it's less than 1/4 written at the moment! There are some pretty "descriptive" scenes in it but nothing really over the top or going beyond what is seen in an everyday, mainstream romance novel.
Pushing the envelope is one thing, smashing the line between "normal/mainstream" and "not fit for human consumption" is another!
Untitled #6 pushes the envelope in many of its scenes so far... And in one case, literally pushed it so far, it fell over a cliff, crashed, blew up and the remnants burned to nothing but dusty ash.
I had to literally remove several paragraphs of the most graphic, out of this world stuff I had written several years ago, not long after I started working on UT #6. It seemed like it was the right thing to have in that story at the time BUT after reading it again to edit it several years later, I'm thinking it's going waaaaaaaaay too far and have decided to "86" the more graphic descriptions in that particular spot. You, the reader, will know it did happen but it won't be there in Full. GORY. IN YOUR FACE. DETAIL.
I had written it in a way that did allow a quick "chop" just in case I decided to remove it later on. I'm glad I did it that way because fixing that part of it took me less than 5 minutes to do. All I had to do was cut out the most graphic stuff, add in a few words to the next paragraph and go from there. You still know what happens and its aftermath but not exactly how things went down.
I feel a little sheepish knowing I HAD written something like that but as my mentor P says, "You write, you learn." She is so right on that! After having her give me advice about writing COUNTLESS times, (which I thank her for!) I am going to do what she's suggesting and with that particular scene especially, go the "less is more" route. Sometimes one doesn't need a fully described scene to get the point across, especially with the love scenes part of things!
I'm going to be working on things today but not sure which story I'll be tackling just yet. The rewrite for RH is starting to bug me but I have several ideas for Untitled #7 that are slapping me upside of the head. I'll update if anything happens here. Things will be described in more detail on my "adult rated blog" for anyone who knows where that is. I'm not giving out the link here either, that url is only for very special and trusted people and it is under a completely different name anyway.
Have a great Wednesday everyone and if you're a CSI addict like I am, there IS a new episode on this evening!

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