Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Veridian's Writing, Update: The Family Friendly Part of My Writings Part 1

Today was productive writing wise.  
I decided I was going to get some new material added to Untitled #7, come heck or high water and even if it killed me! 
The MMG file was nagging at me to have more added to it the last few days so I opened it, reread what I had written and decided it was okay at this time and got to work. 
What I was working on was a part that was earlier on in the file than the part I had written up on November 16th. This is all plain "vanilla" parts, it's all stuff my son could read and my mother would NOT shoot me for writing. I haven't done a word count on it but there is quite a bit of conversation into that particular part so it's probably not as high as the last section I wrote was word count wise... But I did cover a lot of ground with this section at least. I have the one character's profession tentatively chosen and I'm getting more and more ideas on exactly how I want things to progress in the build up to the part I had written a couple of weeks ago. I had already known the general idea of how things were supposed to go but not in detail.
I find my main problems with Untitled #7 is writing up the connectors between the key scenes of the story. Say the part where the leading man and leading lady start to get to know one another and become friends before they start seeing each other. Chapter 2 had started out as a lot of long, dragged out paragraphs just describing how things progressed instead of actually "showing" scenes where they actually talked or met up by accident... Then it ended with their first kiss and the aftermath of said kiss was the start of Chapter 3. It was okay the day I wrote it but a few days later, while I was editing it, I felt as if it wasn't "enough" for how I wanted to portray things. I wanted more detail, so after talking to my mentor P about it, I decided to take her advice and use what I had already written up as the "foundation" of the events that lead up to their first kiss. I had also written up a scene that is a HUGE teaser by this time and I changed the setting for what actually happens just before that particular turning point in the story. It's looking a lot better and although that part of the Main Manuscript file is not done by a long shot, it's on its way at least!
I had the same problem today with the part of the MMG file that was bugging me. I had to add MORE conversational parts in, describe things in more detail and get down to the nitty gritty of how the leading lady meets this particular person who becomes very important to her. I had started writing up the hows and such a few months ago but after reading it again a few days later, I 86'ed that idea and decided to do a complete rewrite on how they meet. So far that idea is working and now I am trying to work things around them getting to know one another. That part IS coming along too but by the time I had really gotten into writing, it was time to go meet my son's bus and I can't write when Son is around.
Anyway, things are coming along in that story, slowly but surely. I'm hoping to get more writing time in next week if my husband works any day shifts while Son is in school. That's the best time for me to write because I am alone with only the cats to distract me (we lost the dog on November 29th to a heart attack) and if I can't write on those days, it is my own fault!
I will update everyone here on this blog as things progress. I will continue to post some things on my WordPress blog but for my writings and other PG stuff that interests me (including the occasional PG rated rant about the word processor!), this is now my main blog.
Have a great Wednesday night everyone! Only two more days to go until the weekend is here!

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