Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ring the Old Year Out....

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!
I can't believe 2011 is just about over already... We have just over 12 hours to go until 2012 rings in here in the Maritime Provinces and I'm doing my annual look back at the things that have changed within the last 12 months.
It never ceases to amaze me just how much can change within the short span of a year... Which is only the blink of an eye in the cosmos. This past year has certainly been interesting to say the least... Or it has been in my itty bitty corner of the universe anyway! LOL 
This year saw a few changes in my real life... Hubby had lost his job but went full circle back to his old workplace in a different position, with his old boss and some other very familiar faces. Son graduated out of Grade Primary into Grade 1 with flying colors and he's improving day by day even with the occasional set back. I'm writing more and more and I feel ideas for Untitled #7 hitting me out of the blue, sometimes on a daily basis. My family hasn't grown this year other than seeing my youngest niece reach her first birthday... But that may change within the next few years if my sister decides to have one more child for me to love and spoil! We lost a couple of animal friends, notably our dog Sargent on November 29th and our Siamese cat Angel on June 1st, and our family also lost some beloved animal buddies. I spent the first anniversary of my beloved cat Birdie's passing in tears but have also been reassured she's fine from her visiting me occasionally. My brothers in law's band finally released new music after four years, and I love the album, as y'all know! I find myself growing and changing each and every single day, becoming more and more positive in my outlook on things and the more I put certain things further behind me, the better life gets.
Internet life saw me saying goodbye to some people I considered dear friends but I also made some new ones in the aftermath and also reconnected with some old friends whom I had lost contact with. I moved on from one place to another, finally finding my true online home in a place called Samgaran Sanctuary, which is run by my mentor P, a lovely lady who has not only been there as my writing mentor but a life mentor. She has helped me more times than I can count and I can't thank her enough for everything.
Internet life has also seen me go from someone I hated to someone I actually liked again. I had become so negative and nasty for a while that I didn't recognize myself... Normally I'm a very sunny, positive and happy person and shedding the nasty cocoon I had wrapped around myself was like being reborn again. I want to be the ray of sunshine in everyone's life, not the dark and nasty thing that sneaks up on them out of the blue.
Samgaran Sanctuary also saw a LOT of changes... As of November 27th, Sanctuary was upgraded from YaBB 2.2 to YaBB 2.5 software thanks to our Tech God, D. It was a LOT of work for him to do the upgrade considering how far things had come along since the last upgrade and all of his work is greatly appreciated by P, myself, the rest of our staff and all of our members. We had a few bugs/kinks to work out after the upgrade was completed but that's normal for any software being updated in my opinion! Now that things have finally settled down and a month later, things are working wonderfully and the forum looks fantastic! P and I are tickled that our little online home is looking and working even better than we had hoped! We still have to make copies of the different skins to be able to have all of the banners/backgrounds that Sleepy (my co moderator and our graphics design god) designed but that's minor compared to things that were happening right after the upgrade. P is very proud of her little forum, she has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it over the five years it's been in existence! I'm proud of it too and very happy for her that it's finally upgraded and we're seeing a lot of posts in there from a lot of people, not just Penth and myself!
Writing wise, I found myself getting some really good ideas for Untitled #7... Ideas that I probably would not have thought of a year ago due to different things going on in my life, both online and day to day. I've found ways to develop the characters more, make things more interesting and even develop some really unusual twists and subplots in that story. I have a feeling that when I'm FINALLY finished the darn thing, it will be the crown jewel of anything I've written, past or present. If it turns out even half as good as I hope it will, I'm sure it will be the story that sees me being published finally! I'm also getting ideas for Untitled #6... In fact, I am now taking out the more descriptions of things in that one and making it more "publishing friendly". As I had stated in one of my previous blogs here, I went beyond "pushing the envelope" in that one right into "not fit for human consumption". Oops!! *laughing* Well, as my mentor says "Less is more" and I'm now taking that point of view when I write. Some graphic scenes are okay but if one has too many of them, a story can get very boring in one heck of a hurry. One has to have a lot of the "plain vanilla" stuff in between the more graphic scenes to make a story work and be interesting after all! I plan on making both stories very interesting.. They are not as fast paced as RH is but I do hope that they will be good reading for romance readers out there on their own and that people will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them!
What are my resolutions for the new year you ask? For one, I plan on taking time off from the internet more to work on my stories when I can... Days that Hubby is working/away and Son is in school, I plan on being slaving away in MS Word with NO distractions other than the cats and my own need for COFFEE! I plan on taking more time off from being online to start walking daily (or every other day depending on the weather) and I'm going to eat healthier. I've been off of the caffeinated/sugared soda for almost 2 years now and have reached a plateau in the weight loss associated with it, so it's time to ramp things up and get moving so I can lose MORE weight. This coming year, I hope to become even more sunny, more positive and make everyone sick with my "Pollyanna" attitude... No more drama or BS for this girl, I've had enough of it to last me twenty lifetimes, thank you! I have NOT vowed to quit smoking this year because I know I'm not ready to do that yet... Some other year I will try to quit again, I'm not ready to yet and me continuing to smoke saves lives. Seriously. *NYAH* 
We now have only 11 1/2 hours left of 2011 here in Nova Scotia and I'm now looking forward instead of behind... To a shiny new year with a brand new outlook on things, more new material added to Untitled #7 (and possibly #6), the rewrite of RH being completed, Son's leaps and jumps in his development, more fun and activity in Sanctuary and walking away from things that will drag me and my friends/family down. Life is too short for drama and BS after all! *winks* 
So as the new year quickly approaches, I wish you all out there the absolute best in life... Be good to yourself, don't forget to be kind to others and most of all, have fun! 
Have a wonderful, fun and safe new year's celebration everyone! I'll be back in 2012, on this blog, as my WordPress blog will be mostly retired as of midnight AST tonight. 
Regards and love,

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