Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Zaniness...

It's only the 20th of December and I feel like I've been dragged through a knothole... Yet the holidays have barely started here at my house! 
This past week was nothing but chaos! We are almost finished our gift shopping yet we're only getting started on the grocery end of things. I don't have a blasted thing wrapped yet either! I see a LONG to do list in front of me right now and it seems that each time I get something knocked off of it, twenty more things appear on it. 
At least some things are done... The tree is up, we've decided what we're having for a holiday dinner and we're hoping for a quiet day at home... With plenty of phone calls from family and friends that is!
This year, I'm making chicken at Hubby's request with the usual fixings, and cheesecake for dessert instead of pies for something different. I know cheesecake is not the most traditional holiday dessert but what the heck, I find it a LOT easier to make than pie! I'm going to have cherry pie filling handy too, for anyone who wants some of that and possibly some whipped cream for their cheesecake (read: ME!). I'm going to be making a triple batch of chocolate chip cookies and hopefully some other goodies for the holidays between wrapping gifts, cleaning things up (Son likes to think his toys belong ALL over the house!) and organizing everything. 
Yesterday was interesting... We had traveled to Halifax/Dartmouth to get some gifts because we couldn't find the right gift for some people on our list here in our area. It was NUTS and although I hated being in a VERY crowded MMM (one of the largest shopping centres in Eastern Canada), it was worth the trip...And walking probably upwards of three miles around the stores and forcing myself NOT to panic in the crowds! We got Son a few things we know he will like, I got several books I wanted and we also had fun together as a family. I'd love to go shopping there again, just NOT during the holiday season, that's all! 
I'm planning on doing some of the wrapping tonight, if not the majority of it. I just hope I have enough wrapping paper and tape... Some of the stuff we got people is rather "large"! It's all good stuff, and I hope everyone likes their gifts!
It's time to get back into preparations... Much as I hate to get up off my rear end, but it's all necessary I guess...
Have a great Tuesday everyone and Happy Hanukkah to everyone who celebrates it! 

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